Company Overview

Name of company



Yoshimasa Gomi


January 1951


3670 Kasahata, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture, 350-1175 Japan






10,000,000 Yen

Myokoh Factory

4-7 Tohyoh-cho, Myokoh City, Niigata Prefecture, 944-0009 Japan


Kawagoe Branch, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Kawagoe Branch, Saitama Resona Bank
Kasumigaseki Branch, The Saitamaken Shinkin Bank

Contents of Business Operation

Development, manufacturing, selling, and repair of a cleaning machine, a sewing machine, and a recycle system.

Company History

Jan. 1951 As per requests from cleaning-business persons, the former president Sakuhei Gomi built a factory in Eifuku-cho, Suginami-ku, Tokyo and began manufacturing various press machines for cleaning.
Feb. 1959 Limited Company Itsumi Seisakusho was founded with its capital fund 500000 yen. The factory was relocated to Wada-honcho, Suginami-ku.
Aug. 1964 To cope with steep increase in the booking number of press machine, Kawagoe Factory was newly built, and manufacturing a drying machine and other machines in addition to a press machine was began here.
Jun. 1967 The head office was moved to Sake-cho, Nakano-ku, and the capital fund was increased to 5 million yen.
Nov. 1969 The capital fund was increased to 10 million yen.
Aug. 1973 The head office was moved to Yayoi-cho, Nakano-ku.
May 1990 The head office was moved to Minami-dai, Nakano-ku.
Dec. 1991 Form of the company was changed to limited (stock) company.
Apr. 1998 Concluded the distributorship agreement with US ACE-HI (Present ITSUMI USA Inc.)
Dec. 2001 The head office was moved to the place where Kawagoe Factory was located.
Nov. 2007 Myokoh Factory was newly built in Myokoh City, Niigata Prefecture.

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