Full automatic washer and extractor

Full automatic washer and extractor

Full automatic washer and extractor


Available for a small batch of laundry, a quick washing and a batch production system
It is possible to save detergent and water with an ideal sized drum in time of a small batch.
It is useful in time of washing only limited laundry quickly.
It is possible to wash a laundry under the batch of store, sort, occasion and so on.

A user-friendly computer
Up to ten types of washing mode are programmable.
Time, temperature, water level, detergent and rotation speed etc. are programmable.
Featuring an indicator to read remaining time and temperature etc..

A compact frame incorporating a high performance revolving system
Achieved max. 350 G at 1000 rpm.
Completely incorporated a high performance corresponding to a larger machine in spite of a saving space structure with width 770 mm.
Adopted a rustproof stainless material for a front panel.

Detailed information

Model number WM-083S
Product name Full automatic washer and extractor
Throughput (JIMS) 8 kg (JIMS 6.5 kg)
Power supply Voltage AC200 V
Phase 3 phase
Frequency 50/ 60 Hz (common)
Power consumption -
Driving power 1.5 kw
Drum revolution Wash 27・40・53RPM
Balance 70 RPM
Dehydration 400・700・1000RPM
Steam Standard pressure 0.5 MPa
Inlet diameter 3/ 8 inch
Water Supply 20A
Drainage 50A
Chemical 10A
Mechanical dimension Width 770 mm
Depth 878 mm
Height 1380 mm
Weight 360 Kg
Inside dimension of drum Diameter φ575 mm
Depth 400 mm