Shirt Finisher

Single Buck Body Press SAVER

Let' review a shirt press machine!

A high quality finishing obtainable more easily.

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Single Buck Body Press SAVER


"Saves" running cost
Saved energy consumption deriving from a compact size cylinder (compared with our previous model).
Achieved a compact design in spite of inheriting a high quality.
It is possible to save a capital investment cost with an affordable price range.

"Saves" time by means of a finishing quality
Reduced a finishing process time by speeding up a dummy moving etc.
Achieved a high quality finishing by means of the press system featuring a reputed form finisher and a high temperature airbag attached to an upper model.
Raised substantial productivity by curbing a retry by means of additional introduction of a rearview mirror and a timing adjustor.

"Saves" maintenance cost
Reduced a failure rate of a pneumatic equipment by adding a drain filter.
It is possible for anyone to replace a pad, a cover and an airbag easily in a short time.
Achieved a long life by means of a fusion of a simple tidy design and a robust structure.

Detailed information

Model number BT-70-J
Product name Single Buck Body Press SAVER
Power supply Voltage AC200 V
Phase 3 phase
Frequency 50/ 60 (common)
Power consumption -
Driving power -
Vacuum 0.85 KW (50 Hz) 0.95 KW (60 Hz)
Heat wind 0.75 KW
Heater -
Steam Standard use 0.5 MPa
Max. supply 0.7 MPa
Consumption 40 Kg/ h
Inlet diameter 3/4 inch
Outlet diameter 1/2 inch
Air Consumption 39.8 L
Working pressure 0.5 MPa
Inlet diameter 1/2 inch
Mechanical dimension Width 2092 mm
Depth 1066 mm
Height 1554 mm
Exhaust diameter 1 1/2 inch
Weight 620 Kg