Shirt Finisher

Single Buck Body Press

Achieved meeting various designs and high quality finishing.

Single Buck Body Press


The back stroke supports the back of a shirt.
・Supporting the back is made by pulling down the pinched skirt of the back.
・Finishing process is made by enhanced vacuum capability after stretching pleats straightly.
・Time to place a shirt is remarkably reduced, and load to an operator is lowered as well.
Arm angle adjustor makes it possible to meet the latest fashion.
・Possible to meet diversified shirt designs and the latest fashion.
・Possible to meet finishing an edge of a uniform in addition to a shirt.
・Possible to change a spot being given finishing amid the finishing process and to
  halt an operation at an arbitrary spot.
Traditional excellent basic performance and durability
・Promises high quality finishing with the large iron and the high temperature airbag in addition to
  the reputable buck.
・Achieved a long life with fusion of simple neat design and robust structure.
・It is easy for everyone to replace the pad and cover and the airbag.

Detailed information

Model number BT-150-J
Product name Single Buck Body Press
Power supply Voltage AC200V
Phase 3 phase
Frequency 50/ 60 (common)
Power consumption -
Driving power -
Vacuum 1.30kW(50Hz)/1.50kW(60Hz)
Heat wind 0.75kW
Heater -
Steam Standard use 0.5MPa
Max. supply 0.7MPa
Consumption 40kg/h
Inlet diameter 3/4 inch
Outlet diameter 1/2 inch
Air Consumption 39.8 L
Working pressure 0.5MPa
Inlet diameter 1/2 inch
Mechanical dimension Width 2092mm
Depth 1066mm
Height 1554mm
Exhaust diameter 1 1/2 inch
Weight 630 kg