Wool finisher

Fastback Press

Maximizes features of a fastback and has an iron intended for all types of pants.

Fastback Press


Maximizes features of a fastback
Achieved building a comfortable working space deriving from less radiant heat by moving an upper iron far backward from an operator.
Improved working efficiency by means of light load pressing deriving from the optimized balance of a movable arm.
Achieved effective force conversion from a cylinder to a presser by placing a rotation axis to the place where the maximum pressing force can be obtained.

All-round type iron intended for all types of pants
Adopted all-round type iron intended for all types of pants which is popular among conventional series.
Suitable to various shapes of a clothing such as a jacket, ladies' clothes, a shirt and so on.
As a standard equipment, provides US made grid plate which prevents a lining trace from being left.

Provides function of steam, vacuum and heat wind as a standard equipment
The lower iron ejects steam instantly and uniformly deriving from unique structure to make ejection more divergent.
Adopted the 300 W powerful multistage blower motor.
It is easy to give the finishing to knit fabric by means of the blowing-up structure of the lower iron.

Other functions
Provides the iron table which can be freely placed by means of adjustable setting of length and width.
Added the switch to turn off a blower motor in time of unnecessity.
It is possible to give the finishing freely by means of manual mode in addition to automatic mode.

Detailed information

Model number HF-902AS
Product name Fastback Press
Power supply Voltage AC200 V
Phase 3 phase
Frequency 50/ 60 Hz (common)
Power consumption -
Driving power -
Blower 0.3 KW
Steam Standard use 0.5 MPa
Max. supply 0.6 MPa
Consumption 25 Kg/h
Inlet diameter 1/2 inch
Outlet diameter 1/2 inch
Air Consumption 10 L
Working pressure 0.5 MPa
Inlet diameter 3/8 inch
Mechanical dimension Width 1402 mm
Depth 1066 mm
Height (Max) 1267 mm
Mechanical dimension of lower iron Width 1120 mm
Depth 440 mm
Height (Max) 893 mm
Exhaust diameter Φ90 mm
Weight 290 Kg