Two-Stage Electric Drier

Two-stage drier meeting needs of the era of diversification by matching with space-saving and small-lot production system.

Two-Stage Electric Drier


Volume suitable for small-lot
Drying volume a time a drum is 5 Kg and is the best for wet cleaning. This volume satisfies diversifying needs.
For the purpose of use of drying personal belongings, this volume is appropriate for articles equivalent to one to two person.
By means of independent controlling method, it is possible to introduce the most appropriate setup value for drying time, drying temperature, and cooling air time according to each article to be dried.

Switches and control parts pursuing user-friendly usability
By placing frequently used "start switch" and "stop switch" on the door, it gets easier to do operation to take in and out an article.
By adopting a digital temperature servo device capable of monitoring temperature status at sight, it is easy to check setup temperature and drying temperature.
In addition, in case of a trouble, such a status can be indicated in the monitor plainly.

A compact body equipping with high performance mechanisms
A space-saving structure having the vertical two-stage of each 5 kilogram drum.
The space-saving structure represents 650 mm width and 950 mm depth.
Adopted rustproof stainless for the internal drum.

Detailed information

Model number TD-0520E
Product name Two-Stage Electric Drier
Throughput (JIMS) 5 Kg (JIMS4.6) × 2
Power supply Voltage AC200 V
Phase 3 phase
Frequency 50/ 60 Hz (common)
Power consumption -
Driving power 0.1 KW × 2
Blower -
Heater 5.1 KW × 2
Steam Standard use -
Max. supply -
Consumption -
Inlet diameter -
Outlet diameter -
Fan Flowrate -
Static pressure -
Gas Calorie -
Town gas -
Tube diameter -
Air Consumption -
Working pressure -
Inlet diameter -
Mechanical dimension Width 650 mm
Depth 951 mm
Height 1748 mm
Inside dimension of drum Diameter 650 mm Depth 951 mm
Exhaust diameter φ150(Two points)
Weight 260 Kg